3rd Party Watch Bands VS. Apple Watch Bands

Often times consumers don’t understand the difference between Apple watch Bands and 3rd Party watch bands. Some people call them Chinese aftermarket bands but the interesting thing is that both Apple and 3rd Party bands are Made in China.

However there are some difference and today we would like to talk about it.

Here is the Listing of the Differences:

3rd Party Bands VS. Apple Bands
  1. PRICE: $10-15 (3rd Party) vs. $50+ (Apple)
  2. WARRANTY: 3 YEAR (3rd Party) vs. 1 YEAR (Apple)
  3. GUARANTEE: Double Money Back (3rd Party) vs. Unopened Returns (Apple)
  4. MATERIAL: Soft Food Grade Silicone (3rd Party) vs. Hard Fluoroelastomer (Apple)
  5. COLORS: Dozens of Colors (3rd Party) vs. Select Seasonal Colors Only (Apple)

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