Is it Worth Paying for an Apple Watch Band Set?

apple watch band set maison cour

So you have an addiction. I get it, because frankly I’m in the same boat. Having an Apple Watch is simply not as fun when you have just 1 or 2 bands. What if you are feeling like wearing a matching band to your shirt, shoes, or even my mood?? You NEED that color, right?! I agree.

But to go ahead and start buying bands one by one from Apple is suicidal. Simple getting 5 of the cheapest bands from Apple will run you up to $245. That’s not including taxes.

So are you stuck with 2 bands for life? NOPE! I’ve got some good new for you, you can purchase 3rd party bands in multi packs/sets at a great prices!

Apple Watch Bands Sets are a great way to get super affordable watch bands. You do have to invest a bit of money up front because you are purchasing multiple bands, but retailers are able to offer better prices on multi packs because they are saving money on shipping, packaging and even though they might be make much less profit per band, the pack is more or less like a single product and their profits are saved by the number of bands in the pack.

Here is a good example from Maison + Cour

Apple Watch Band Set Silicone Sport Bands – 8 PACK (MAUI set)

$75.99 $34.95

You are getting: Apple Watch Band Set – 8 PACK

8 Band Multi Pack

in the following colors:

Pink Sand, Red, Gray, Ultra Violet
Soft White, Black, Fog, Midnight Blue

– A Set of 8 Bands (Choose your size)
– Highest Quality & Long Lasting
– Original Fit & Snug Design
– New and Exciting Colors
– Less than $5 PER BAND!


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As you can see you have to shill out $45 right away, BUT the total cost for each band comes out to less then $5.70 per band! That includes shipping, handling and taxes! You will not find bands for Less than $6 and be decent quality.

There are bands on Amazon for $9-10, but if you would purchase 8 bands that would run you about $80! You are cutting the cost by half instantly just by purchasing the multi pack.

So is it worth is to purchase an Apple Watch Band Set?


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